Zeit zu gehen

A film by Silvan Hagenbrock und Sophie Bösker
Voice: Jutta Schwarz
Sounddesign: Nik Hummer

13 min. / Full HD / Wien 2020 / OmeU

Innsbruck International Nature Film Festival // Nature & Culture – International Poetry Film Festival Kopenhagen // Suburbinale Filmfestival

Car-free Vienna in 2120. China, a 95-year-old native of Vienna, who witnessed the car's extinction in the green 20s only from fragmented stories from her parents, tells in ZEIT ZU GEHEN about her personal memories.

ZEIT ZU GEHEN TEASER I from Silvan Hagenbrock on Vimeo.

China’s late wife, Reni, a bit older, was an active journalist and climate activist who was significantly involved in the extinction of the car species. Using the knowledge she has gained through her wife and her parents' nebulous machinations, China also makes her first attempt to reconstruct the extinct species.

The master‘s thesis does not provide political and urbanist solutions but uses artistic approaches to raise provocative questions, to question privileges and to look fictionally from the future into the present. The project critically examines the car in urban space. The focus is on researching the car and the emotions associated with it, as well as photographic and film documentation of a fictional, car-free city. The master‘s thesis is intended to generate an imagination through the format of an essay film that represents a different narration of automotive reality. The car as an extinct species is dedicated to move away from a car oriented reality. Furthermore, it tries to weaken the power base of the auto industry through methods of social design.