WIEN 0815


Episode Film, 6 episodes at 10-15 min./ Austria 2024 / in distribution

Funded by the Bundesministerium Kunst, Kultur, Dienst und Sport

WIEN 0815 is an episodic film about interpersonal encounters. A cinematic panorama about the ambivalence of people and their hiding of own, unwanted traits from themselves and one another. A loving tribute to the city of Vienna and life in the pandemic.

A street musician. A therapist. A theatre group for refugees. A successful actress. Liberty or security? Children or chaos? Or maybe art? And how can we be sure if what we want is real or only based on social pressure? And finally, there always remains the question of the financing.
We follow the storylines of individual figures that repeatedly overlap at certain points. In addition to the plot, the goal of the series is to provide artists, actors and musicians from Vienna the stage that the pandemic is denying them.

Script and production: Florian Drexler and Sophie Bösker
Director: Sophie Bösker
Camera: Nepomuk Bösker
Sound: Lenard Fuchs
Cast: Mona Kospach, Florian Drexler, Bernhard Rusch, Johnny M’hanna, Anna Starzinger, Erich Ober, Arnold Wilfing, Dominik Barta, u.v.m.