Jesus, Aliens! I think.

a film by Sophie Bösker and Lorenz Zenleser

Documentary Short Film/ 29 min. / Full HD / Germany, Austria 2021 / OmeU

Diagonale ’21 // Vienna Shorts ’21 // Kassel 21 - 38. Dokumentar und Videofestival // Wrocław 21 - Swidnica Film Festival SPEKTRUM // Chicago 21 – EuroAsia Short Film Festival

Jesus, Aliens! I think. tells a very personal story, the story of the director herself. It is a documentary about how she fled to her parents house at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis in spring 2020, where she spent the three months of lockdown in isolation with her parents. Unluckily back then, she was supposed to realize her master thesis, a film, but the pandemic made the realization of her actual concept impossbile. Hence she saw herself forced to radically change her concept and shoot the movie within their home. The result was the attempt to make a science fiction film with her parents in quarantine.

In a very intimate but humorous way, Jesus, Aliens! I think. tells the story of a daughter, who, for fear of being alone, flees to her parents’ house at the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. It tells about her failures and her desparation, but over all about the intimate relationships and role models inside of a family.